The Importance of Branding Your Business (and 3 Branding Essentials)

Oct 07, 2020

Whether you’ve officially developed one or not, your business already has a brand. Your community and your target audience currently hold certain opinions about your company based on their interactions with you, word of mouth or your online presence. If you haven’t spent any resources developing your brand, you don’t control the perception of your enterprise and its services and products. It’s time to change that by investing in branding services.

Think about branding as a reinvestment in your company. Your brand is interwoven into every aspect of your business—from sales and marketing to operations and fulfillment. The stronger your brand is, the stronger your business is. A great logo, intuitive website and even something as simple as letterhead are part of the foundation you’ll build your success on.

Branding = recognition and awareness

Many small local businesses wonder why they should allocate the time, money and effort into a branding strategy. They don’t realize that branding is just marketing jargon for how consumers recognize your company and their awareness of what you offer. It doesn’t matter if you’ve invested in professional branding services or not, people are aware of your company and recognize it based on what you are or aren’t making available to the public.

For example, it takes a site visitor 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your brand based on your website. When your website is a jumbled mess that doesn’t adhere to any branding guidelines, people who navigate there will think of your company as disorganized. They associate the presentation of your website with how you conduct business.

The same goes for everything else associated with your business’ brand—logo, letterhead and product packaging, for example. A recognizable logo makes it easy for your brand to stick out among the competition. Letterhead brings an official feel to any documents or statements your business puts out. Product packaging can make or break a customer’s experience with your goods—like Apple’s product packaging, for example.

All this adds up to a cumulative experience for customers. If you have a strong, cohesive, identifiable brand, your customers will have a positive experience with it—one that drives sales, advocacy and reputation.

Strong brands build strong businesses

Data demonstrates that 43 percentof customers spend more money with the brands they love. Branding builds customer loyalty and, ultimately, brand evangelists: the people who sing your praises with every new product release or company update.

Everyone is loyal to at least one brand. Companies like Apple, Starbucks and Coca-Cola are among those businesses that have legions of brand evangelists. These are the people who follow their chosen brands and jump on board with every new rollout, product release or system change. Believe it or not, you make purchase decisions based on those loyalties, even if you don’t realize it.

One of the most important reasons to build brand loyalty with your client is retention. Retaining customers is cheaper than engaging new customers. Research finds that 65 percent of an enterprise’s business comes from its existing customers.

The big 3 branding essentials

So how do you build a strong brand? Where should you start with branding? Once you’ve decided to nurture a brand for your business, consider the following three essentials—brand identifiers that have proven themselves invaluable time and time again.
Branding your business is an intensive process that requires in-depth knowledge of how to tackle this task economically and efficiently. If you don’t have experience with branding, hire professionals to handle it. Reach out to Interactive Design Media now to discuss branding your company with the expertise of our knowledgeable team of graphic designers and content marketers.

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