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Business Rankings,
Boost Traffic and Generate Leads

A New and Clever Way

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Dear Neighbor,

Are you tired of being buried in the invisible part of Google’s search results, while your competitors keep getting all the jobs and the money?

Do you crave the chance to claim your rightful place at the top so you can finally take a weekend off and actually spend some quality time with your loved-ones?

If so, you might want to consider reading this page. It’s possible you’ve discovered a slightly fresh angle to one of the most profitable client acquisition strategies known to man.

Here’s why:

Google rankings, specifically top three, can change the game for most businesses that have their shit together..

Here is something to think about:

Do your clients think you do a great job for them?

If so, how do they currently find out about your company?

Is business kind of sporadic and you’re relying on referrals?

Do you flat out just need the dang phone to ring more?

Even if you have a great product or service it’s going to stay like this if nobody knows who or where you are…

Organic marketing is dead


It DIED… along with Giraffe, Penguin and all the other software updates over the years…


Advertising is certainly changing rapidly, especially paid media, and Linkedin, Facebook and other social media channels are exploding with traffic and engagement, Google is still a place where millions of people start the process of searching for companies just like yours that can solve their problems.

The fact is, Google traffic is the #1 highest-converting most valuable traffic on planet earth...

Think about it… you are capturing someone’s attention the MOMENT they actually have a need and are actively pursuing the service you offer.

It’s like the digital version of someone walking up to your door and asking for help.

Your business without visibility is like a human without oxygen.

Did you know that on average there are THOUSANDS of people every month that are already looking for what you offer…

Right now, today, there are at least 20, 50 or even 100 people that need what you offer…

If those people only see your competitors, that is a lost opportunity that went to someone else and you didn’t even get a chance, not even a website click, a phone call, you got NOTHIN’.

Simply because you hired some junk agency or lead gen guru that didn’t deliver so now some of your other competitors are already there, scooping up all that business.

Well, I can assure you that SEO is not dead.

It is alive and well and I have the receipts.

Despite rising advertising costs across paid media platforms (over 200% in the past year) organic SEO is still here chugging along like a trusty locomotive delivering the goods.

Organic SEO drives millions of clicks and impressions every day. (sub headline)

SEO can make the phone ring, and the appointments come in like clockwork.

Despite all the hype, despite all the software changes, despite all the narratives (mostly false btw), and despite all the hate…

SEO is better than ever…

…and even as the world transitions into more and more automated systems like AI and machine learning, Google will continue to rely on user-generated content, which is fundamental to any SEO strategy.

So if you have tried the pay-per-click thing, and started seeing costs go up and conversions go down, or maybe you tried Facebook Ads and got a bunch of conversions but the leads were garbage…

Maybe it’s time to

unearth the hidden profit
of organic marketing.


Ad costs are only going to keep rising, I read the other day that it’s expected to double again in 2024…

Maybe it’s time to consider putting something in place that has more of a long-term impact on the safety and well-being of your client acquisition strategy.

Now listen, maybe you’ve tried SEO in the past and have been raked over the coals and burnt crispy by some dirty SEO scumbag…

Some jackass sold you a bill of goods and delivered a fat invoice with no ranking and no phone calls.

Or even if you were able to get some keywords moving, they were the keywords that provided no tangible value to your busines…

like one-eyed manure handler ←not a money keyword 😂

That’s just one of the many sneaky tomfooleries these clumsy hucksters use to rip you off!

You see…


They focus on rankings, and not SALES.

Rankings and traffic are great…

But if those visitors don’t convert into actual dollars, it doesn’t matter.

Quick random story:

One time I went to my bank and asked if I could take out a loan with my “Google Ranking” as collateral.

I even showed him the undeniable evidence.

It didn’t take the banker long to let me know that it’s not viable, but if I had a merchant statement showing the “sales deposits” that they could maybe do something…

I tried the wife, too!

“Look honey, we rank #1 on Google!”

Yea, significant others don’t care either.



Revenue and profit.

That’s it.

The end.

Regardless of what you hear the gurus talk about, or what some youtube video told you, this is the cold hard truth.

Marketing is something that you can measure pretty easily.

Output divided by input = ROI.

Simple enough, right?

The problem is most SEO agencies can’t generate the output.

SEO isn’t that hard…

…but it is complicated.

And most SEO agencies out there offering the service are completely guessing and have no idea or timeline or expectation of when you can expect anything to happen.

Most people try to do it themselves, or hire a shoddy agency ever get tangible results for their time and money.

If you’ve tried it in the past, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Most businesses waste years, sleepless nights, and thousands of dollars doing things the wrong way, and it crushes their hopes before they ever get a single inbound phone call..

Here is something most agencies will not tell you:

It takes multiple people with different skill sets to put SEO together properly.

At the very least you need a content writer, a designer, a marketer, and a programmer.

That’s four completely different skill sets!

Proper SEO teams also consist of a data analyst and a conversion rate optimizer, but the right marketer can leverage tools to overcome this for most small companies.

That’s why big companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on dedicated SEO teams and content production teams to make it all happen.

For small business owners like us who might not have the budget or the manpower to put a $100,000 per month content team in place, it gets even harder to compete or find the right strategy to deploy.

Hiring the wrong company with big promises and cheap labor only puts your website at risk.

Googles’ highly sensitive AI algorithmic website-scanner with advanced machine-learning system will figure out the shady tactics being used will temporarily penalize, or worse, permanently ban you.

One of the worst emails you could ever receive is the “Action Notice: Violation” that google sends out if they find foul play or “black hat” techniques that many of these cheap overseas companies use.

Might as well take your website behind the barn and put it out of its misery at that point because recovering from a google penalty costs more time and money and is one of the most frustrating situations to navigate.

You must know exactly what you are doing or you will get smashed like a Mike Tyson opponent in the 80’s. 🥊

Listen, we’ve been doing this since 2008, which is like a million “online” years. We’ve ranked hundreds of websites generating thousands of calls, and millions in revenue for our clients.

We have also made all the mistakes, taken all the penalties, and lost all the money ahead of time so you don’t have to.

Benefit from the dues I’ve already paid on your behalf.

One of the reasons we know what TO do, is because we know exactly what NOT to do.

Been there, done that, got the tshirt…

Basically how it works is we start with a quick chat on the phone so we see if it even makes sense to explore working together.

If it does, we will devise a custom SEO and website strategy that will blow your competitors off the map.

If things go according to plan, they be scratching their heads wondering who stole their lunch money.

To start, we will focus on making the phone ring so you can make more SALES.

We’ll turn your website into a inbound client acquisition machine.

We manage the entire process and set you up with easy to follow “results” dashboards so you know exactly what is happening at all times.

You can fire your other SEO agency whenever you want, but you won’t need them after you see for yourself how our deliverables are just “different”.

You see, SEO doesn’t have to take a year, or two years.

We’ve proven through our proprietary process that most businesses can get top placement in 90 days or less, by doing things the right way with some amount of urgency.

We’d love to show you how we do it, so click below and book a 10-minute chat with us immediately.

If you are on the call longer than 10 minutes its because you want to keep talking.



Your Gateway to More Clients, More Sales, and Daily Happiness.


Here is a taste of what’s included:


Attract high-quality sales leads with laser like accuracy.


Unlock the most profitable keywords that will turn your website into a magnet for your ideal customers.


We’ll rev up your Google properties, ensuring they work in perfect harmony to propel your website to the top of the rankings.


Professionally written press releases will captivate your audience while driving organic traffic!


Full on-page audit and resolution so you never have to worry about the techie stuff!


Stay in the loop with our comprehensive reports and full transparency.

The campaign will complete in less than 90 days, without a long-term contract. At the end of the process you’ll get a full report of everything that was achieved including traffic and conversion data!

So, are you ready to unleash your website’s full potential and join the ranks of the top search results? Our team of SEO wizards is eager to join forces with you and help your business conquer the digital world!

Get the rankings you deserve so you can rest easy that you finally have an organic marketing machine that generates profitable sales leads every day!

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